At Intellitive Solutions we believe that all parts of your business are interdependent and must work together seamlessly and consistently. Your computer systems and network should be as reliable and trouble-free as possible, and when a problem occurs, you should expect prompt, friendly and effective support. Our client list has many companies who “tried the rest, then came to the best”. By applying a comprehensive system of analysis, implementation and management, we provide enduring and effective Information Technology solutions to a wide variety of clients across diverse industries.


Network issues? Spyware and viruses slowing down your systems and costing your organization productivity? Thinking of setting up your own mail server? Wondering if all your software is licensed correctly? Wondering how to interconnect your 25 locations across the country so that you can receive sales and inventory information in a timely fashion? Wasn’t technology supposed to make your company leaner, quicker and more competitive? We have been successfully answering these questions for many years. We can sit down with you, analyze your current situation, perform a needs assessment and recommend the correct solution for your specific situation, since no two companies are alike.


Recommending a custom solution is one thing, but successful implementation is what separates average IT providers from outstanding ones. Implementation projects often fail due to lack of experience, lack of planning, or the inability to integrate the proposed solution into the existing environment. The experience we have gained through years of successful implementations allows us to boast of an outstanding track record in this area.

Managed Services

Small to medium size businesses often have limited resources which prevent them from implementing the technology infrastructure that they need to succeed. Through standardization, automation and best practices, we can transform your information infrastructure from a hindrance into a competitive advantage. We can work along side your existing IT department or our complete outsourced IT management solutions can provide peace of mind and a significant reduction in your IT capital outlay. We have ongoing satisfied clients ranging in size from 10 to 100+ employees.

Reasons to use Managed IT Services

  1. Depending on your organization, you can save 30 to 60% on your IT costs
  2. Access to multiple experts for less than the price of hiring one yourself
  3. Best Practices developed over many years of experience in a wide variety of industries
  4. Lets you concentrate on your core business
  5. Resources to maintain and monitor your network outside of normal business hours