BlueOcean Framework

Where Off-the-Shelf Software Reliability meets Customized Software Flexibility

Software solutions are usually divided into two categories - "Off-the-Shelf Software Solutions" and "Customized Software Solutions". Organizations are usually forced to choose between these polar opposites while trying to satisfy their needs, increase efficiency and seek out or enhance competitive advantage. This leads to a dilemma as both types of software solutions have their advantages and disadvantages:

Off-the-Shelf Software Solutions:

  1. Advantages: Works well for commodity and non-business-critical functions such as payroll and basic accounting. Can be implemented fairly quickly. Significant functionality/efficiency due to extensive user base/testing/revisions.
  2. Disadvantages: Limited customization, must wait/hope that vendor will add any additional requested functionality in future releases. Other companies may be using the same software as you so there is no real competitive advantage for you. May have to bend business processes to fit software. Possibility of significant time and costs associated with upgrades of software and/or hardware.

Customized Software Solutions:

  1. Advantages: Full customization is possible, allowing for competitive advantages and adherence to unique business processes. Increased user satisfaction/buy-in if program does everything they want it to do.
  2. Disadvantages: Longer implementation times and higher costs. Must still rely on vendor for most change requests/modifications. Possibility of significant time and costs associated with upgrades of software and/or hardware.

Our BlueOcean Framework is the sweetspot that combines the best of both solutions. BlueOcean combines a strong foundation along with easy to use customization features, content management and on-the-fly report creation that allow BlueOcean to satisfy your unique needs and adapt to your constantly evolving environment. BlueOcean's building-block framework with multiple add-on modules gives you Off-the-Shelf utility coupled with full customization. BlueOcean is browser-based for anywhere-anytime use and no software rollout issues. A scalable database framework allows your application to grow with your company. Maximize your investment, minimize your risk and differentiate yourself from the competition through a BlueOcean solution.

Software Design and Development is one of the pillars of our business. By using our extensive software experience and working closely with our clients, we have been able to build a stellar reputation as a company that can succeed where others have failed, delivering timely, cost-effective software solutions that provide immediate returns on your investment. We have satisfied clients in a wide range of industries throughout Canada, the U.S. and Europe.